Photo Gallery 

Ahimsa Sadhbhavana Yagam - 2017 


Construction Activities - 2015 


Diwali Celebrations - 2014

Construction Activities - Oct 2014

Patriji's Visit to Vasista Gowthami Pyramid, 3rd Sep, 2014

Construction Activities - Aug 2014

Inauguration of Arundathi Annadanam by Patriji - 27th Jun 2014

Ugadi Celebrations with Patriji - 31st Mar 2014

Dhyana Mahachakram - 4 Vijayotsavalu

Vegetarian Ralley at Ravulapalem 

Diwali Celebrations - 2013

Construction Activities - Dec 2013 

Construction Activities - Nov 2013

Bhoomi Pooja - May 2012

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Patriji Quote

We have to be happy 'today'. We need today's meditation to be happy today. We need today's meditation to conduct today's business properly.  We need today's meditation, to be able to tackle today's problems successfully
- Brahmarshi Patriji

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