About Vasista Gowthami Pyramid

"Godavari..." by hearing this word our hearts will be filled with joy. It travels all the way from Nasik and gives life to many people who are depending on this river.

The two districts East Godavari and West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh have immersed Godavari in their names itself. Almost all the people in these two regions have a good attachment with this river as they are depending on its water throughout the year for their crops and also for their daily needs.

 Pyramid is one of the amazing constructions on earth. Pyramid has a golden angle of 51050' because of  which the cosmic energy is attracted to earth. Every creature on earth depends on this cosmic energy including human beings.

 To know the god in us our ancient guru’s have constructed these energetic structures (Pyramids). In the olden days many Yogis and Rishi’s like Vasista Maharshi, Gowthama Mahamuni, Maharshi Atreya, Maharshi Mandavya and Maharshi Khatvanga used to live near the banks of the river Godavari. This river is divided in to two parts and these are named after these great masters as "Vasista Godavari" and "Gowthami Godavari" and Sir. Arthur Cotton has constructed Dowvaleswaram barrage that is used for storing water. Now Vasista Gowthami Dhyana Maha Kshetram is getting ready on the banks of the sacred river Godavari.

Brahmarshi Patriji’s wish is to construct pyramids for obtaining peace all over the world and his wish is to construct a mega pyramid near the banks of the river Godavari. Now the dream has come true and a trust has been formed and pyramid is being constructed for providing free meditation and spiritual education.

This pyramid under construction will become India’s third largest meditational pyramid with an estimation of 10crores in an area of 5acres in Peravaram near to Rajavaram in Athreyapuram Mandal, East Godavari District. With the help of all pyramid masters under the supervision of all of our Godavari pyramid masters.

This is being constructed with the size of 160x160sqfts with the capacity of 5000 people to meditate at a time. It also contains  Spiritual Library, Seminal Hall, Dormitories, Annadanam and Canteen.  
Objectives :
  1. Construction of Dhyana Maha Kshetram
  2. New-Age Spiritual Library
  3. Spiritual Research Centre
  4. Herbal Garden
  5. Kitchen, Dining hall, Canteen
  6. Vegetarian and Meditation Yoga Village

Committee Members :

Chairman     -     Brahmarshi Subash Patriji        
Vice Chairman   -   S.V.P.K.G. Krishnam Raju, Bhimavaram   +91 9848955665
Managing Trustee   -   Jatti Lakshmi Rani, Rajahmundry   +91 9491685576
General Secretary   -   P.V. Satya Narayana Raju, Tanuku   +91 9949133274
Treasurer   -   D.V. Raghava Reddy, Ravulapalem   +91 8985243989
Trustee   -   G. Saibaba Varaprasad, Tadepalligudem   +91 9949715588
Trustee   -   M. Ramakrishna Rao, Peravaram   +91 9652232329
Trustee   -   G.R.K. Shankar Reddy, Ravulapalem   +91 9441331111
Trustee   -   S. Ramakrishna, Kothapeta   +91 8143495999
Trustee   -   N. Annapurna, Mandapeta   +91 9246659985
E.Godavari PSSM President   -   N.Vijaybhaskar Reddy,Mandapeta   +91 9866131735
W.Godavari PSSM President   -   P.Balaram pratap kumar, Akuvidu   +91 9440124253

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Patriji Quote

Meditation gives success in life, efficiency in life, fulfillment in life, vibrance in life, peace in life, and harmony in life
- Brahmarshi Patriji

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